Eye 365

Where I make one eye each day for a year!



I have a lot of ideas as to the meaning of this piece, but if anyone would care to comment, that would be lovely.


2 comments on “Interpretation…

  1. Katey
    October 11, 2013

    For some reason I take this to be a symbol of truth and enlightenment and both sides of it. Sometimes you see the world as a black and white. The circle represents completeness in the truth, how often truths and lies mix. There’s a truth and a lie to everything, and sometimes the world is both. The colors you chose for the pupils are reminiscent of a yin and yang symbol, showing the even the darkest mind has truth and the most righteous lives have lies. It also could show that the depths of the human mind. Sometimes what’s inside your mind is far darker then what the outside world sees.

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