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Get the Most Out of Widgets: All Kinds of Images

This really makes websites cooler!

The WordPress.com Blog

Images are one of the simplest ways to inject personality into your blog. No matter what theme you’re using, you can add life with images — insert them into posts and pages, use them for headers and backgrounds, or liven up your sidebar with image widgets.

Today, we’re exploring the latter, as our tour of your widgetoptions focuses on all things image: image widgets, Flickr and Instagram widgets, Gallery widgets, and Gravatar and Author widgets.

Image widgets


An image widget is just what it sounds like: a widget that displays an image along with a title, if you choose to give it one. They look something like what you see to the left. (Don’t worry if you’d like to use them for something other than proclaiming your love for WordPress. We won’t be hurt.)

Need inspiration? Check out how music mag Beatroute uses them to highlight recommended albums and…

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